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Raggedy Ass Productions is a fusion of multi dynamic products & production of music & film projects.

Raggedy Ass Productions was incorporated 5.13.08 

RAP13.com was created 12.13.08

Raggedy Ass Productions started with my best friend & business partner Jennifer Keesey & I managing to come up with a few brilliant ideas over cocktails.

We always found entertaining ways to make the best out of every situation, in light of this everything became raggedy even really nice things. 

Thus being said, although the name is raggedy, really everything is all good.

Because we all enjoy friendship, laughter & love with all our raggedy hearts.

We give U Raggedy Ass Productions. 

Jennifer A. Keesey  5.13.73 - 4.5.07 

Jenny was tragically killed by a reckless speeding driver in Pompano Beach FL along with her girlfriend Renee Gustafson 4.5.07.

Jenny's presence is greatly missed although she does manage to let us know she's around & is definitely working her magic from the other side (I found 2 Dimes left 4 me today). 

I have faith in our company plans as I had faith in Jenny & I know she is proud of my raggedy ass & the progress that has been made. 

We are sure you will love our raggedy ass too.  

Kristin Huntington President / CEO

PS. A portion of all raggedy ass proceeds will be donated to the: 

Jennifer Keesey Foundation.

Raggedy Ass Pictures

Raggedy Ass Productions Inc.
This Raggedy Ass website is currently under construction, more to come soon.....